Thulabharam New Deeper Truths revealed on the Thulabharam, Dana - Hindu Way of Contributing By His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam

 An Ancient Sacred Ritual  

Thulabaram | Dana - Hindu Way of Contributing In Hinduism the traditional way of offering is known as Tulabharam - the sacred act of offering item equal in weight of the Deity or Guru or God you are offering to. Offerings can be various - flowers, bilva, tulsi, dates, bananas, books, silver and finally gold. Tulabharam is an intense offering of gratitude for your prayers to be answered. Giving for the sake of giving to open us up to receive PARAMASHIVA. Hindu giving is about OFFERING with gratitude the HIGHEST that we have. Only when we offer to our maximum potential and more will we be open to receiving the best possible - PARAMASHIVA HIMSELF!

The highest offering per Hindu scriptures is Gold. Gold has the highest ability to hold and radiate energy, and offering it with the right context brings about the highest completion. Gold Tulabharam is offered only on the most sacred of moments.  

As Legends Tell... The last time gold Tulabharam was offered to an Avatar was when Bhagawan Sri Krishna was in the body. The story goes that Satyabhama, the richest and most beautiful queen of Krishna, wanted to prove she loved Krishna most. She was jealous of Rukmini, Krishna’s first wife and incarnation of MahaLakshmi herself. Satyabhama organized a Gold Tulabharam to prove her love - Krishna sat on one side of the scale and she started to pour boxes and boxes of precious jewels on the other side. But the scale did not budge. She emptied every single thing she had, and all the other queens added all their jewels too. But there was no change. They could not match Krishnas weight! Rukmini was called to remedy the situation. She picked up one sprig of tulasi, and with deep love and devotion offered it on the scales. So the scales balanced. Afterwards, all jewels were taken off the scales and only the Tulasi left – but still the scales balanced. This story is poignant - we realize the truth that the Context with which we offer is more important than any Gold or jewels offered. Clearly no one can Give anything to Guru, no one can Give anything to Paramashiva.

He has little use for the precious jewels. An opportunity to give offerings is a divine blessing where we are raised to the state and space of intense Oneness with Paramashiva

"This whole experience was so great, as I was offering Tulabharam to Swamiji I could feel an intense kundalini flow flooding my system, such a divine ecstasy and bliss happening for no reason, just a pure showering of cosmic bliss. I never thought feeling good could be so simple. (sharing from a Tulabharam participant)

Thulabharam Offerings in weight equivalent to the weight of the incarnation HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam is the closest Seva one can offer to Paramashiva Himself. It is a divine opportunity to experience the heightened space of Oneness with Paramashiva  

In Vedic tradition, devotees who are suffering from a serious disease have traditionally offered Thulabharam for completion from the patterns related to the disease.  

Thulabharam on behalf of a newly born child is now widely practised. There is a belief that the child who performs Thulabharam will have the protection from Guru thought their life. Gold and Silver is offered for longevity and prosperity. Traditionally Thulabharam has been offered for dropping Karmas related to health disorders such as the following: 

Thulabharam items recommended for the diseases listed are: Panchasara (Sugar) - Diabetis Kadhali Pazham (Red Banana) - Illness Sarkara (Jaggery) - Stomach disorders Ilaneer (Tender Coconut) - Urinary Tract problems Kayar (Coir) - Asthma (Kasarogam) Poovan Pazham (Banana) - Arthritis Kurumulagu (Pepper) - Chickenbox Chena (Elephant Yam) - Skin disorders Coins - Heart disorders Uppu (Salt) - Hunger disorders Elluthiri (Black sesame)- Sani Dhosham (negative influence from Saturn)  

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